Limitless Coffee & Tea


The client.

Founded in 2015, Limitless Coffee & Tea is a Chicago-based company that produces and sells a wide-variety of high quality coffee and tea products. The company is distinguished by its relentless pursuit of the “cleanest, most pure coffee and tea in the world.” Most recently, the brand has gained traction with its flavorful cold brew products.

The opportunity.

After experiencing considerable growth in its hometown market, Limitless felt primed to expand its new cold brew product into the national retail space. They created a master distribution plan, targeting all the right markets. Now the question became: how would they get their name in front of the right cold-brew-loving consumers?

The outcome.

As a trusted partner for Limitless’s initial 2015 launch, Mabbly was re-engaged by the company to design and lead a national digital brand activation campaign. Mabbly aligned the leadership team on a dual strategy that would engage target audiences using a dynamic ad campaign, a compelling offer, and a community of influencers.

Cold brew—it’s so hot right now.

We began by gathering insights on cold brew, particularly how it's perceived by consumers today. We identified opportunities, along with our target audience, dividing it into three unique sets: Creators, Doers, and Dreamers.

Making “clean beans” a thing.

We developed a social media communication strategy around Limitless's key point of differentiation: the ultra-clean coffee bean. From creative ads to a landing page with a buy-one-get-one offer, we aimed to drive engagement with eye-catching visual content that also highlighted the brand's value prop.

Going above and beyond.

To further position Limitless as a lifestyle brand beyond just coffee beans, we created an online media hub, BEYOND by Limitless. We worked with a group of influencers—a Creator, Doer, and Dreamer—to be featured with a Q-and-A style interview. This allowed us to tap into the influencers' social networks, promote diverse content through social ads, and have an alternative method for engaging our key audience sets.